#69 – STOP MAKING BABIES? Trumpcare Sucks! Libertarianism is Dead?

PaleoJoe returned from Cali (just in time) for what critics are saying may be the greatest #69 ever performed on live radio! (No notes this time, divas!)

TABLE OF CONTENTS (in order w/ time):

Volunteer Your Genes… OR ELSE!
Runs from: 00:00:00 – 00:14:29

Trumpcare Hurts Trump’s Base
Runs from 00:14:30 – 00:27:24

Killing Turtles in Sri Racha???
Runs from 00:27:25 – 00:34:05

The End of Libertarianism?
Runs from 00:34:08 – 00:40:16

Is that Umpire DRUNK???
Runs from 00:40:17 – 00:52:14

Guys React to “Feminine” Products
Runs from 00:52:15 – 00:58:57

Runs from 00:58:58 – 01:05:05

Facebook’s “Fake vs. Disputed” News
Runs from 01:05:06 – 01:17:44

Fact Checkers & Legacy Media Privilege
Runs from 01:17:45 – 01:30:50

#Vault7 “Perfect Ammo” for Russia Hack Deniers
Runs from 01:30:51 – conclusion

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