God & Cancer: The #TeamTinyDancer Story

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I’ll be speaking three (maybe four) times throughout December and February on the topic of “God & Cancer,” opening up about my thoughts & experiences since first learning in March that Sami has brain cancer. These will be personal and heartfelt discussions covering topics like prayer, medicine & miracles, the afterlife, and how #TeamTinyDancer has fought hard to foster an environment of interfaith love & acceptance, even while living, loving and hoping as a family of secular humanists. Samantha Bannister‘s planning to join me, too, even if only to say a few words and to answer some questions… and to sign some autographs, obviously. We’ll have so much fun, even if we do cry a little. 
More info as the dates draw near, I promise.

P.S. In the meantime, I’m debating whether to post Paleocrat Diaries dealing with these topics individually. (I’ve got a lot to say! haha) Wish me luck!

For interview, debates, and speeches, contact the guys by emailing them at PaleoRadioShow@Gmail.com

Speaking to Students @ Campbellsville University

I had the greatest time this evening talking to non-traditional students taking CHS 234 (World Religions) at Campbellsville University, a Christian liberal arts university in South Central Kentucky! We talked via Skype — I was on a big screen! — and focused on this series of thought-provoking questions from the my dear friend Stephen Gregory Mullins
1. What do you most respect about Christianity?
2. What do you think to be Christianity’s greatest strength?
3. What do you most disrespect about Christianity?
4. What do you think to be Christianity’s greatest weakness?
These questions were then repeated but with atheism replacing Christianity. Then I was asked about moral & political nihilism, followed by an excellent & insightful round of questions from students in attendance — the professor even got in on the fun! Altogether, the exchange lasted about 90-minutes — sue me for being long-winded! — concluding, of course, with generous applause. *wink*
This isn’t the first time I’d done this with the class at CU. I spoke with them last year, also, which turned out to be one of my favorite highlights of 2014 — professional or otherwise! On both occasions the class was courteous, respectfully quiet, and always raised their hands when they wished to contribute. And they were polite, even when asking an otherwise critical question. All our disagreements aside, this class rocks!
I have nothing but respect for CHS 234, and I can only hope they have me again next year… maybe even in person.