#63 – Debating Diversity! Arrested for the Constitution? Guest Dan Arel of Patheos!

In one of their best episodes to-date, Joe & Jeremiah laugh their ways through a blitzkrieg on some of this week’s most difficult & pressing controversies:

1. Mass Exodus of State Dept. Officials?

2. Arrested for the Constitution?

3. Diversity is Hard!

4. Natural Selection Making Us Dumber?

5. Obama Didn’t Declassify Torture Report!

6. Trump’s “Gag Orders” on Scientists?

7. Interview with Dan Arel of Patheos!

8. Metal Conducting Electricity But Not Heat?

9. Flint Water Investigation Hits Roadblock

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Paleocrat Diaries: Unfriending Gone Wild!

“A nation divided against itself cannot stand.”
— Senator Abraham Lincoln, June 16, 1858

Wow! Tribalism is trending on Facebook! Whodathunkit?

Seriously, every day my news feed is bombarded with some variant of the “If you believe (or don’t believe) _____, unfriend me!” nonsense. It drives me totally bonkers, especially coming from people who (typically) pride themselves in talking a big game about the values and benefits of multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity. Then again, maybe the discontents were correct to contend that such social realities lead (inevitably?) to schism, siloing, and even Balkanization.

Again, whodathunkit?

I’d write more — and trust me, I’ve got a lot to say about this! — but I’m just not in the business of beating the daylights out of broken-down penny horses… plus, I’ve already said an earful in my pod/video, “Paleocrat Diaries: Friendship & Social Media.”

Between the wolves & the precipice,

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