#67 – Witches Hex Trump? GOP on Weed! PaleoRadio is VERIFIED on FB!

And just when you thought PaleoRadio couldn’t get any more pro radio gold, the fellaz go & get PaleoRadio VERIFIED on Facebook! This show is amazing!

TABLE OF CONTENTS (in order & w/ article links):

1. Trump Ducks WH Correspondents

2. Witches Cast Spell on Trump

3. Kim Jong Un Gets Poisoned!

4. Perez Wins DNC Chair Over Ellison

5. Library Waves $554 Late-Fee

6. GOP on Marijuana

7. Centrism is Dead?

8. Russians Honor Anti-Putin Martyr

9. Everyone Hates Comey

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#52 – Final Thoughts on Election 2016, MSM, and the Power of PaleoRadio!

Election Day 2016 is upon us! Tune in as the fellas offer their final thoughts about voting & the state/future of media.

1. Oregon Standoff in Court

2. Disgraceful Journalism in 2016!

3. Wikileaks & future of journalism

4. Final thoughts on PaleoRadio’s coverage of election 2016: crashing echo chambers & standing strong in sharp contrast to the partisan hive-minds crippling secular punditry!

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Why I Don’t Endorse Candidates… Especially in Election Years!

Paleocrat Diaries No. 9 (Feb. 23, 2016)

My approach to writing/talking about politics in election years is so radically different from what I see and read from so many others in my line of work! I put myself on thin-ice all the time with my praise & criticism of candidates, particularly those running for high offices…

…and especially when so much is on the line!

But I’m in absolutely nobody’s pocket, though, not ever! And I try to be cognizant of my own biases, intentionally reading from as many diverse sources as I can, even from otherwise radical/fringe groups — I rarely agree with them but I’m open to the challenge! More than that, I’m surrounded by brilliant and engaging people from diverse political and religious landscapes! They challenge me all the time, constantly keeping me on my toes, often forcing me even to question assumptions that have been at the core of my thought for decades!

If the ire of my DNC & GOP friends are any indication, I think I’m walking the walk here. My followers can rest assured of many things, but this much is some rubber hitting the road stuff: I’ll never defend or even excuse a candidate’s bad ideas/actions. Not one iota! Not for one second!
Agree or disagree, ’tis what it is. I’d say it’s part of my MO. 
No apologies, no regrets!
The Paleocrat
FTR – No endorsements since the primary of 2008, & proud of it! Since 2004, I’ve been willing to praise & criticize any candidate from any party on any issue in any way I think is justified, even (and especially) through the general election.