#65 – Did SNL Go Too Far? Algorithms Control Our Lives! Fake News Goes Left!

(Left to Right: Paleocrat, William Ballow, PaleoJoe)

In this practically Trumpless edition of PaleoRadio, the fellas “powered through” their sickness with a rip-roaring good time, covering topics including:

Did SNL Go Too Far?

Streaming Revolution Takes Over GRAMMYs!

Algorithms Secretly Rule The World

Shock Poll on Religion & LGBT in US

#TheResistance vs. Tea Party

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#08 – Gun Control & “Anchor Babies”

Supreme Court refuses relief to Kentucky county clerk defiant of gay marriage ruling; John Oliver’s “Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption” and the debate over tax-exemption; a man in Virginia shoots people on live TV, reinvigorating the gun-control debate… once again; does the Fourteenth Amendment apply to Trump’s “Anchor Babies”? Joe & Jeremiah weigh in!

#05 – Planned Parenthood, Marriage in the Bible

Why people cling to beliefs in light of opposing evidence; Rick Santorum’s obsession with gay people continues on MSNBC; what marriage in the bible really looks like; behind the Planned Parenthood controversy.

#03 – Megyn Kelly vs. Satanic Temple, Iran Deal

Donald Trump dominates the media; gay wedding cakes and the battle lines in the new culture war; Obama and the Iran nuclear deal; Megyn Kelly squares off with Satanic Temple!

#02 – Religion Losing Influence, Confederate Flag Comes Down

Supreme Court debates gay marriage arguments; the current state of political hate; American’s confidence in religion hits new low; Confederate flag lowered in South Carolina.