#07 – Is NASA a big hoax? Hillary Clinton’s emails!

Has science made philosophy irrelevant? What should we think about the Ashley Madison controversy? Is NASA a big hoax? And just how bad is Hillary Clinton’s #servergate dilemma?

#06 – The Great Clown Car Debate, Arrogant Atheist Bullies

Bernie Sanders get’s interrupted (again) by Black Lives Matter; atheists & dinnertime prayer on ABC’s “What Would You Do?”; the GOP/Fox debate and the (hysterical) GOP presidential candidates you’ve probably never heard of; is opposition or support for Planned Parenthood a partisan endeavor?

#04 – #BlackLivesMatter vs. #FeelTheBern, Chattanooga

Borders and immigration reform; the 5-reasons people are leaving church; tragic shooting in Chattanooga; #BlackLivesMatter interrupt Bernie Sanders speech.