#60 – Bilderberg Gets Hacked! Ageism at Starbucks? How big is fake news?

The boys hit the New Year running in this wondrously hysterical first episode of 2017, discussing & debating:

Just how influential is fake news?

Starbucks accused of ageism!

Bilderberg Group gets hacked!

Most conservative/liberal cities?

Four post-election wrongs by Dems

People who died in 2016!

“Deploraball” is a big fat mess?

Infowar’s Freedom/Tyranny Chart

And a listener named Mike even won our world-famous “Question of the Day!” contest with the answer: “Bauer invented the Pringle’s can!” Mike earned himself a WPRR magnet & PaleoRadio/#TeamTinyDancer t-shirt!

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