Paleocrat Diaries: Unfriending Gone Wild!

“A nation divided against itself cannot stand.”
— Senator Abraham Lincoln, June 16, 1858

Wow! Tribalism is trending on Facebook! Whodathunkit?

Seriously, every day my news feed is bombarded with some variant of the “If you believe (or don’t believe) _____, unfriend me!” nonsense. It drives me totally bonkers, especially coming from people who (typically) pride themselves in talking a big game about the values and benefits of multiculturalism, tolerance, and diversity. Then again, maybe the discontents were correct to contend that such social realities lead (inevitably?) to schism, siloing, and even Balkanization.

Again, whodathunkit?

I’d write more — and trust me, I’ve got a lot to say about this! — but I’m just not in the business of beating the daylights out of broken-down penny horses… plus, I’ve already said an earful in my pod/video, “Paleocrat Diaries: Friendship & Social Media.”

Between the wolves & the precipice,

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#08 – Gun Control & “Anchor Babies”

Supreme Court refuses relief to Kentucky county clerk defiant of gay marriage ruling; John Oliver’s “Our Lady of Perpetual Exemption” and the debate over tax-exemption; a man in Virginia shoots people on live TV, reinvigorating the gun-control debate… once again; does the Fourteenth Amendment apply to Trump’s “Anchor Babies”? Joe & Jeremiah weigh in!

#07 – Is NASA a big hoax? Hillary Clinton’s emails!

Has science made philosophy irrelevant? What should we think about the Ashley Madison controversy? Is NASA a big hoax? And just how bad is Hillary Clinton’s #servergate dilemma?

Paleocrat Diaries #01 – Never Give Up!

In this highly emotional episode of Paleocrat Diaries, Jeremiah opens up about his daughter’s fight with cancer and the lessons they’ve learned along the way. You won’t want to miss this!


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#06 – The Great Clown Car Debate, Arrogant Atheist Bullies

Bernie Sanders get’s interrupted (again) by Black Lives Matter; atheists & dinnertime prayer on ABC’s “What Would You Do?”; the GOP/Fox debate and the (hysterical) GOP presidential candidates you’ve probably never heard of; is opposition or support for Planned Parenthood a partisan endeavor?

#05 – Planned Parenthood, Marriage in the Bible

Why people cling to beliefs in light of opposing evidence; Rick Santorum’s obsession with gay people continues on MSNBC; what marriage in the bible really looks like; behind the Planned Parenthood controversy.

#04 – #BlackLivesMatter vs. #FeelTheBern, Chattanooga

Borders and immigration reform; the 5-reasons people are leaving church; tragic shooting in Chattanooga; #BlackLivesMatter interrupt Bernie Sanders speech.

#03 – Megyn Kelly vs. Satanic Temple, Iran Deal

Donald Trump dominates the media; gay wedding cakes and the battle lines in the new culture war; Obama and the Iran nuclear deal; Megyn Kelly squares off with Satanic Temple!

#02 – Religion Losing Influence, Confederate Flag Comes Down

Supreme Court debates gay marriage arguments; the current state of political hate; American’s confidence in religion hits new low; Confederate flag lowered in South Carolina.