#81 – Kid Rock 4 Senate? FBI “Spy Toys” Warning! VR Saves Conjoined Sisters!

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#80 – Is the Atheist Movement Eating Itself? Interview with Chris Watson

Joe & jeremiah deliver another epic episode, covering quite a range of topics! Jeremiah discusses his struggle with the anniversary of his daughter Samantha’s death, and the fellas welcome host of Podunk Polymath Chris Watson to discuss if the Atheist movement is eating itself alive.

#79 – Joe & Jer Debate Russia, Fat-Shame England, and Laugh About Ecosexuality!

In this freedom-lovin’ episode #79 of PaleoRadio, Joe & Jer patriotically discuss & debate:

England is Really Chubby… and Jeremiah’s Jihad on Fat!

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Dems Need More than Trump-Bashing

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Professor Fired After Tucker Carlson Interview?


10 Things Psychologists Want You To Know About Trigger-Warnings

Should Prisoners Be Working In State-Owned Buildings, Including the Governor’s Mansion?

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