#78 – Giant Crack in the Arctic, Bilderberg Meeting, UK General Election

Jeremiah & Joe deliver the epic SMACKDOWN in episode #78! They cover news in solar energy, climate change, the UK election, bilderberg insanity, & much more!

*Time stamps coming soon!

#77 – Net Neutrality, Paris Agreement, Are Smart Kids Losing Out?

Joe flies solo for the first hour, covering some of the current events of the day, including the Paris Climate Agreement, Net Neutrality, and how Microbes may be deciding what you eat!

Intro/Net Neutrality
(0:00 – 15:12)

Do Gut Microbes Drive What We Eat?
(15:13 – 28:06)

Has the US Passed the Torch Climate Change?
(28:06 – 41:14)

Germany Announces They Can’t Trust US/UK
(41:14 – 53:25)

Measles Outbreak in Minnesota (Joe goes off)
(53:25 – 66:55)

Jeremiah Joins us, Kathy Griffin Photo
(66:55 – 78:08)

Educational System Works Against SMart Kids?
(78:08 – 91:18)

Are IQ Tests Viable?
(91:18 – 78:08)