#76 – Sami’s B-Day, anti-protest Bills in the US, Can Trump Really Drain the Swamp?

Joe & Jeremiah have a great episode on what would have been Samantha Bannister’s 13th birthday (May 22nd) & discuss a wide range of topics from factual to farcical!

Topics include:
Intro/Sami’s b-day/Topics

Can Donald Trump “drain the swamp”?

GR man challenges school on religious ad

Why you should support PaleoRadio!
(41:33- 53:43)

Miss USA voices her conservative views

Chris Cornell’s Death, Chess changes Indian City

Callers flood the lines! Poorer countries are better at conserving wildlife

Over 30 anti-protest bills introduced since November

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Joe Elder & Jeremiah Bannister bring over 10 years of talk radio experience to this one-hour weekly podcast dedicated to politics, religion, and culture.