#75 – Glacier Park Melting, Interview With David Silverman, Comey Constitutional Crisis?

Joe & Jeremiah host David Silverman of American Atheists, and also have an interesting climate change discussion. On top of that, they discuss a range of quirky topics like how monks create the modern chicken, and the Pope warning that being godless could lead you TO HELL!

Intro: Topics, and Mother’s Day!

21 days no vaping/Glacier National Park Melting.

Caller challenges climate change

More callers respond, the pope threatens atheists to HELL!

Interview w/ DAVID SILVERMAN of American Atheists (1)

Interview w/ DAVID SILVERMAN of American Atheists (2)

Question of the day & a winner! Monks made chickens?!

Is Trump firing Comey a constitutional crisis?

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Joe Elder & Jeremiah Bannister bring over 10 years of talk radio experience to this one-hour weekly podcast dedicated to politics, religion, and culture.