#72 – Is Diversity Killing Marvel Comics? Trump’s Emo Song! Too Much Science?!?!


Intro / James Corden / Blasphemy in Pakistan
Beginning – 00:06:34

April Fools / Joe’s Birthday / Incriminating Pic???
00:06:35 – 00:07:41

Jer Visits Daughter’s Grave / A “Bannister” Grinder?!?!
00:07:42 – 00:10:25

James Corden as Belle, Athletic Fat Actors
00:10:26 – 00:15:28

Marvel: Diversity, Cost of Comics, Prejudice
00:15:28 – 00:24:11

Prejudice, Ghostbusters, Star Wars, Women Comics
00:24:12 – 00:28:22

Jer Wants to Quit Vaping
00:28:23 – 00:29:19

Caller: Comics, Movies, Traditional Narratives
00:29:20 – 00:38:07

Caller Corrects Joe About Storm Troopers
00:38:08 – 00:39:03

Comic Writers & Artists Do Hollywood
00:39:04 – 00:41:33

We’re a Listener-Supported Morning Show!
00:41:34 – 00:42:46

Caller: Kid/Adult Purchasing Power/Habits
00:42:46 – 00:45:07

Why Pay When You Can Get it for Free?
00:45:08 – 00:48:07

Caller: Changing Trad Hero Narratives, Black Nerds
00:48:08 – 00:53:43

Intro 2nd Hour, Teen Scientists
00:53:44 – 01:01:01

Emo Trump, Super Deluxe, Decker Unclassified
01:01:02 – 01:08:22

Caller: Too Much Emphasis on Science?
01:08:22 – 01:17:09

Turkey Threatens EU w/ Refugees
01:17:10 – 01:21:07

Russia: Flynn, Manafort, Stone… HRC Staff?
01:21:08 – 01:30:17

Russia: Podesta Part of Influence Campaign?
01:30:18 – 01:33:18

Facebook Blocks Blasphemy in Pakistan?
01:33:19 – 01:35:20

Caller: Roy Cone & Donald Trump, McCarthy
01:35:21 – 01:37:38

Joe Responds: McCarthyist Left!
01:37:39 – 01:39:17

Paul Ryan’s Tribalism: My GOP Right Or Wrong
01:39:18 – Conclusion

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Joe Elder & Jeremiah Bannister bring over 10 years of talk radio experience to this one-hour weekly podcast dedicated to politics, religion, and culture.

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    1. Thanks for the response, JD! We’re excited to see how the technology behind energy-producing windows (on skyscrapers!) will be coupled with the discoveries we discussed on the program having to do with a conduit producing little to no heat. Not sure what episode that was but it’s not hard to imagine how these technologies and discoveries will continue to build off of one another.

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