#62 – Women’s March, Chicago Torture, Gilda’s LaughFest w/ Comedian Brian B!

The fellaz rock hard in Ep. 62, giggling & carrying on about:

1. NATO in Poland

2. Rick Perry’s Change of Heart

3. Chicago Torture

4. Women’s March

5. Interview with comedian Brian B. promoting Gilda’s LaughFest, raising money for families (like #TeamTinyDancer) needing emotional support through difficult times.

6. Callers! Even a winner of “Question of the Day”!

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Joe Elder & Jeremiah Bannister bring over 10 years of talk radio experience to this one-hour weekly podcast dedicated to politics, religion, and culture.

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  2. @Xopher: Perhaps I was being overly pedantic :-/ And I agree, it’s nothing to be ashamed of. A person’s character is, in my own estimation, determined by their choices and actions, not their interests. I’ll try to be more mindful of figures of speech in the future.

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