#34 – LIVE w/ Ed Brayton (Patheos) & Justin Schieber (Real Atheology)

Joe hosts Ed Brayton of Patheos & Justin Schieber or Real Atheology LIVE at WPRR studios in Grand Rapids! Jeremiah also calls in from Palm Springs!

1.) 2016 Elections, Trump

2.) Real Atheology, Justin’s Goals

3.) Atheism’s always right? Climate Change

4.) Jeremiah update: Palm Springs weather, his dope new
hat, Team Tiny Dancer, & his recent appearance
Dogma Debate!

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Joe Elder & Jeremiah Bannister bring over 10 years of talk radio experience to this one-hour weekly podcast dedicated to politics, religion, and culture.

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  1. I hope you are watching 60 Minutes for the Polio vrs brain cancer results.

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