God & Cancer: The #TeamTinyDancer Story

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I’ll be speaking three (maybe four) times throughout December and February on the topic of “God & Cancer,” opening up about my thoughts & experiences since first learning in March that Sami has brain cancer. These will be personal and heartfelt discussions covering topics like prayer, medicine & miracles, the afterlife, and how #TeamTinyDancer has fought hard to foster an environment of interfaith love & acceptance, even while living, loving and hoping as a family of secular humanists. Samantha Bannister‘s planning to join me, too, even if only to say a few words and to answer some questions… and to sign some autographs, obviously. We’ll have so much fun, even if we do cry a little. 
More info as the dates draw near, I promise.

P.S. In the meantime, I’m debating whether to post Paleocrat Diaries dealing with these topics individually. (I’ve got a lot to say! haha) Wish me luck!

For interview, debates, and speeches, contact the guys by emailing them at PaleoRadioShow@Gmail.com

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